A New Start

Things have changed at the Secret Garden recently. We got the boot from our old rental which spurred us into adulthood and the purchase of some land of our very own. It is nothing but scrub and sand at this stage but it will become a great botanical experiment soon. Here's some footage of the [...]

Garlic Planting on the tube

It's garlic planting time! Ours went in early but it's not too late for you, it all really depends on when you want to harvest it. Dan Paris takes you through what we do to prepare the beds and plant out the garlic. Elephant garlic is our weapon of choice but the same method will [...]

Anything Goes Tomato Sauce

I always say that there's no such thing as too many tomatoes and even as my kitchen bench is heaving with them, I stand by that statement. Why? because I have the easiest recipe in the world for making sauce

Welcome to our happy place

Our sons learnt to walk by navigating these paths, their immune systems are born from this soil. A place like this provides such rich opportunity for exploring, inspiring, learning and growing. Our patch has warranted a blog of it's very own for a while but... we've been too busy gardening.