A bit about us and the Secret Garden…

My name is Tanya and I am a horticulturist, herbalist, writer, artist and designer. My partners in life and gardening are Dan (photographer, filmmaker, vegetable enthusiast and keen diver) and our two sons – B & M (gardeners, seed collectors, tractor addicts and animal lovers).

B&M Secret Garden is our most recent project and is a family venture. We save seed, propagate plants, make kokedamas, create all manner of crafty things, pick and dry herbs and grow vegetables. Everything that is surplus to our needs is sold at the local markets. It started as a way for our sons to earn some extra cash to buy tractors with but has grown into more than that.

On the shores of Lake Warden, a RAMSAR protected wetland, is our happy place. In our garden we work the soil, plant and propagate. We play, learn, relax and watch the wildlife that comes to visit. Our garden philosophy is inspired by the pristine landscape that surround us, our decisions and choices informed by the remoteness and the challenging nature of the landscape. To make things grow here…you gotta work it! We reuse and recycle materials to build, we compost and feed the soil with manure, pea hay and  occasional handfuls of blood and bone. We plant herbs as companions and use chilli, garlic & pyrethrum sprays for the unwanted guests. Our plants and produce are from seeds we save and volunteer plants that have self seeded.